Phonics Flashcards - Phase 2 and Phase 3

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Invest in your child's literacy development with the Phase 2 and Phase 3 Phonics Flashcards 

Introducing our vibrant and educational Phase 2 and Phase 3 Phonics Flashcards – the perfect tool, designed by experienced teachers, to ignite the joy of learning to read and write in children aged three to six years old. Created with parents in mind, these flashcards offer an engaging and effective way to support your child's literacy journey.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Phonics Coverage: Our flashcards cover the letters and sounds taught in both Phase 2 and Phase 3, ensuring a well-rounded approach to developing essential reading and writing skills. Learning the Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds will set the foundation for a strong phonics base.

  2. Sound Buttons and Sound Lines: Enhance your child's phonological awareness with strategically placed sound buttons and sound lines on each card. These features provide visual cues to support blending and segmenting, making the learning process more interactive and enjoyable.

  3. Lowercase and Capital Letters: To reinforce letter recognition, our flashcards showcase both the lowercase and capital forms of each letter. This dual representation aids in a holistic understanding of the alphabet, promoting confident reading and writing skills.

  4. Original Watercolour Images: Captivate your child's imagination with vibrant, original watercolour images on the reverse side of each flashcard. These visually appealing illustrations engage young learners and create a multi-sensory experience, connecting sounds with images for a more profound learning impact.

  5. Word Association: Each flashcard features a carefully chosen word containing the targeted sound, providing context and real-world application. This word association reinforces the connection between the phonetic elements and their practical usage in everyday language. All words are suitable for children working in Phase 2 and Phase 3.

Benefits for Parents:

  • Easy-to-Use: Streamlined design and clear instructions make these flashcards user-friendly for parents, even those with no teaching experience.

  • Quality Teacher-Approved Content: Developed by former Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One leaders with expertise in early childhood education, therefore ensuring the content will boost your child's phonics knowledge.

  • Bonding Through Learning: Facilitate meaningful parent-child interactions as you guide your little one through the exciting journey of learning to read and write.

The Phase 2 and Phase 3 Phonics Flashcards are a valuable resource for parents committed to fostering a love for language and empowering their children with essential skills for a bright academic future. They are the perfect accompaniment to the Phase 2 and Phase 3 Phonics Activity Cards and the Phase 2 and Phase 3 Phonics Activity Packs.

Pack information 

The pack contains 52 cards (8cmx13cm):
- One double sided information card with three playful activity ideas 
- 23 double sided Phase 2 phonics flashcards
- 28 double sided Phase 3 phonics flashcards

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Natalie Hutchings
Best flashcards I’ve found

These flash cards are amazing! My 4 year old daughter wanted to look through them as soon as they arrived. They come with an easy to follow instruction card to help guide you and the illustrations are beautiful.
As a typical busy family that’s looking for something quick, easy and packed with an age appropriate education booster, this has been ideal. Thank you Alice & Abbie, I’m so glad I found you on Instagram!

Another great product

I love my phonics cards. I hide the picture at first and get my little boy to sound out (sound buttons so helpful) and blend. Then I reveal the pic to see if he got it. The pictures are beautiful and it’s great having lowercase and uppercase letters displayed on the opposite side.

I have bought every resource these ladies have launched. They are all so carefully produced with the wisdom of two early years teachers and the love of two devoted mums. When you purchase something from this small business, you get a well-made product AND the support of two lovely ladies who are happy to offer advice because they genuinely care about empowering parents to help their children.

Hi Adele,

Thank you so much for this absolutely incredible review! We love that you and your little boy are enjoying the flashcards. Thank you for being such an incredible Play Makes Sense supporter too. We really do want to empower all parents to get learning through play with their little ones.

Alice and Abbie x

Sarah Miesner
Brilliant resource

I can stress stress enough how much we LOVE all of the available resources , but this one is special because it give little ones so much confidence when learning to blend, because the visual component encourages them to try reading the word and guarantees success. Also, the illustrations are just beautiful. Such a gem and asset to have! Can’t wait for whats to come next.

Hi Sarah,

Thank you so much for your lovely review. We are so pleased that you are enjoying the flashcards and that they are helping your little one learn to blend.

We are excited for what's to come next as well!
Alice and Abbie x

Gorgeous product

I love these new flash cards! They are great quality and the illustrations are just beautiful.
There are so many different ways to play with them and they will definitely grow with the child.

Perfect for busy parents

You want to support your child with learning to read and write, but time is short! That is where Play Makes Sense comes in. Each of our activities take less than five minutes to set up and will provide your child with a meaningful and engaging activty.

a mother and child sat playing together. They look happy. Next to them in a pack of Phase 2 Phonics Cards

Create a love of learning

Helping your child to develop a love of learning will set them up for success. Each Play Makes Sense activity teaches new skills through play and will help to instill a passion for learning in your child.