Five rubber ducks floating in a tray filled with water, demonstrating an activity to promote physical development in children

The Importance of Number Rhymes

Number rhymes are a brilliant tool to help your child develop number sense in a fun and low pressured way. Take a look at the list of our favourite number rhymes to sing to your child.

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A piece of card divided into four squares. There is a die in the first square with 5 dots. A numeral 5 is in the second square. An array of five dots is in the third square and five raisins are in the fourth square.

Number Sense

Learn about number sense and why it is a vital skill to help your child excel in maths. Try out these five everyday activities to help your child develop number sense.

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Preschool Pattern Game - Nature Patterns

Maths Terminology

Even early maths can be full of tricky terminology. Take a look at our comprehensive terminology list which explains terms in simple, clear language.

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