The Story of Play Makes Sense

Play Makes Sense Logo. Image of a shell, a flower and a feather. The text at the bottom reads Learning together through sensory play.

Meet Alice and Abbie, the visionary founders behind Play Makes Sense. 

Drawing upon our extensive background as distinguished primary school educators, specialising in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, we embarked on a transformative journey.

While our passion for teaching was unwavering, the realisation that the education system required a fundamental change was troubling us and this became even more evident when we became parents ourselves. 

Each year in England a huge percentage of children leave primary school below the expected standards in reading, writing and maths - a situation that demanded our attention. 

Choosing not to return to the traditional classroom setting after becoming parents, we resolved to leverage our expertise and knowledge to effect positive change in the English education landscape. Committed to a mission, Play Makes Sense is dedicated to revolutionising learning for all children through engaging, simple and playful activities, both within the home and the classroom.

 Our response to the educational challenge is a meticulously crafted range of activity cards designed to not only enhance children's learning but also empower parents. 

We firmly believe that our play centred approach to learning improves children’s academic achievement while simultaneously fostering a genuine love for learning.

 Join us as we spearhead a transformation in education, proving that a more effective and enjoyable learning experience is not only possible but essential for the future success of all children.

The company was founded in 2020 by Alice and Abbie, click the links below to find out more about them.

Bio: Alice
Bio: Abbie