Bundle - Fine Motor, Gross Motor and Playdough Activity Cards

SKU: Mini Pack Bundle
The Fine Motor, Gross Motor and Playdough Activity Cards Bundle - a comprehensive set designed to ignite creativity, enhance motor skills, and foster developmental growth in children.

This carefully curated bundle includes three packs of activity cards, each targeting specific aspects of a child's development: Fine Motor, Gross Motor, and Playdough activities. With a total of 60 engaging and educational activities, this bundle is an invaluable resource for parents, teachers, and educators alike.

Fine Motor Activity Cards:

Encourage precision and dexterity with the Fine Motor Activity Cards. Crafted by experienced teachers, these cards feature activities that enhance hand-eye coordination, finger strength, and fine motor skills.

Gross Motor Activity Cards:

Promote physical well-being and coordination with the Gross Motor Activity Cards. Developed by educators with expertise in child development, these cards present a variety of activities to get kids moving and grooving. From balance exercises to dynamic movements, the cards offer a fun way to enhance gross motor skills and overall physical fitness.

Playdough Activity Cards:

Unleash creativity and sensory exploration with the Playdough Activity Cards. Crafted by skilled teachers, these cards provide a hands-on experience that stimulates imagination and fine-tunes sensory perception. From sculpting animals to creating shapes, these activities promote cognitive development and tactile exploration.

Why choose this bundle?

  • Expertly Crafted: Designed by experienced teachers, ensuring the activities align with developmental milestones.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for home, schools, and nurseries, catering to diverse learning environments.
  • Comprehensive Set: 60 activities in total, covering fine motor, gross motor, and playdough play for a holistic developmental approach.
  • Educational and Fun: Each activity not only entertains but also nurtures essential skills crucial for a child's growth.

Bring joy, learning, and developmental milestones to the forefront with this brilliant bundle. Transform playtime into an enriching experience that supports your child's journey towards holistic growth. Order now and embark on a sensory adventure with your little ones!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Stuart Cloke
    Amazing pocket sized products

    These are fantastic quality and perfect for grab and go ideas! They are durable, easy to decipher and practical in a busy nursery environment! We love them and want to get more!

    Hi Stuart,

    We are so pleased to hear that the cards are being enjoyed in your nursery and that you want to purchase more packs in the future!

    Thank you so much for your review,
    Alice and Abbie

    Nathaly Coutinho
    Love it!!!

    Super well made cards, beautiful designs and amazing content!
    I’ve been using them a lot.

    Hi Nathaly,

    Thank you for your wonderful review. We love hearing that you are enjoying the cards and that you are using them often.

    Alice and Abbie x

    Becky Spiller
    Excellent value for money

    Love these activities cards. Hard wearing,look good,hook to hang up. Well done ladies.

    Hi Becky,

    We are so pleased to hear that you like the new mini packs. We love that they can be hung up too. We hope you have lots of fun with them.

    Alice and Abbie x

    Perfect for busy parents

    You want to support your child with learning to read and write, but time is short! That is where Play Makes Sense comes in. Each of our activities take less than five minutes to set up and will provide your child with a meaningful and engaging activty.

    Create a love of learning

    Helping your child to develop a love of learning will set them up for success. Each Play Makes Sense activity teaches new skills through play and will help to instill a passion for learning in your child.