Child playing by a river

Outdoor Play Terminology

Outdoor Play Terminology

Using terminology correctly with your child will help them succeed in their learning and develop a secure understanding of tricky concepts. Take a look at this list of terminology which is included in the Outdoor Play Activity Cards
  • Conjunction - a word, or words, used to connect two parts of a sentence together, e.g. and, but, so, yet

  • Even number - a number that can be divided into two equal parts

  • Initial sound - the first sound in a word

  • Nature treasures - small natural objects, e.g. stones, leaves, petals, seedpods

  • Number bond - two numbers that add together to make a larger number

  • Numeral - a single digit, or group of digits, used to represent a number, e.g. 156

  • Odd number - a number that cannot be divided into two equal parts

  • Prediction - saying what we think might happen before it does 

  • Repeated refrains - a group of words occurring several times in a story or poem 

  • Rhyming pair - two words that end with the same sound, e.g. cat and hat

  • Tripod grip - grasping a pencil with the thumb and index fingers, while resting the pencil on the middle finger