Two children jumping practicing gross motor skills development

Get Active - Gross Motor Activity for Kids

Get Active - Gross Motor Activity for Kids

Gross motor skills are important for running, jumping and negotiating space safely. Gross motor skills also play a large part in learning to write, as children need strong core and arm muscles to stabilise themselves while writing. 

If you would like to support your child's gross motor skills development then click here, or on the image below, to download the free Get Active printable. 

The Get Active printable is the perfect gross motor game for children aged three to seven. Print off the activity sheet, get outside and get active!

Challenge your child to read the instruction, do the movement and record how many times they complete the movement in the box. Your child will be having so much fun being active, they wont realise they are practising their reading, writing and maths skills too!

Get Active Gross Motor Skills Printable

Click here to download the Get Active printable.

If you want to find out more about the importance of gross motor skills and physical development for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage, make sure you have a read of of the blog written for us by Kids Collab, the experts in getting children moving.

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For more activities to support gross motor skills and physical development, check out the Outdoor Play Activity Cards available as a physical pack and a digital download.