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The Importance of Physical Development in the Early Years

The Importance of Physical Development in the Early Years

Did you know around 80% of children are not meeting their recommended physical activity guidelines and pre-school children spend around 70% of their day sitting. Scary right!?

As a result, Kids Collab and their team of Healthcare Practitioners and Early Years Educators have developed an Online Home Programme, to help combat this worldwide problem. The programme has a core focus to place emphasis on the physical development and wellbeing of children ages 3-6. Kids Collab provide parents, carers and nannies with tasks and activities relating to gross and fine motor development, mindfulness and yoga, healthy habit building and acts of kindness. 

The importance of physical development in the home environment:

A focus on physical development in the early years is extremely important and brings about many positive benefits for children. Exposure at an early age helps to build life-long healthy habits which follow a trajectory path in later life. These positive benefits for children include but are not limited to:

        1. Emotional and social

  • Builds confidence in a child
  • Allows children to engage in real-life experiences
  • Enhances children’s lives by ensuring optimal stimulation within the home environment

    2. Health and physical development
  • Improving and developing fine and gross motor skills
  • Increase muscle and bone strength, flexibility and lipid profiles
  • Decrease the risk for developing comorbidities later on in life

    3. Academics
  • Increasing cognitive skills (aptitude, attention and memory) 
  • Enhancing academic achievement

How to encourage movement and healthy habits in your children:

Parents and family members play a massive role in their child’s development from a young age. Children who have active parents or family members are more likely to engage in movement sessions and participate in wellbeing strategies, compared to children who are not exposed to daily physical activity sessions or healthy habits.  

Focusing on some fun fundamental movement skills in the home environment can help lay the foundation in developing their lifelong healthy habits. The Kids Collab Online Community gives you access to a variety of creative tasks and activities to introduce these healthy habits and wellbeing strategies. Why not take a look here, at some simple examples from the Kids Collab Online Community?

Getting children healthy and active in the early years has so many exciting benefits. With Kids Collab, you can empower yourself with age-appropriate and knowledge based content to focus on these elements in the home environment. To explore our different subscription offerings visit www.kidscollab.org.

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At Play Makes Sense, we are passionate about supporting children's physical development through simple, meaningful and engaging activities. Each pack of our Phonics Activity Cards includes ideas to develop movement and coordination. 

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