A child opening the Preschool Number Activity Cards

Maths Terminology

Maths Terminology

Using terminology correctly with your child will help them excel in maths and develop a secure understanding of mathematical concepts. Take a look at this list of terminology which is included in the Preschool Number Activity Cards and Reception Number Activity Cards
  • Addition - combining two, or more, amounts to make a larger amount


  • Array - a group of dots, pictures or objects arranged in rows and columns 


  • Cardinality - the quantity a numeral represents, sometimes referred to as 'howmanyness' 


  • Composition of number - the idea that all numbers are made up of two, or more, smaller numbers 

  • Digit - a single numeral, e.g. the 5 in 156

  • Fewest - the group which contains fewer than any other 

  • Five frame - a rectangle, split into five equal squares, used for counting 


  • Maths sentence - a calculation made up of numbers and signs. It can contain any of the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

  • Most - the group which contains more than any other


  • Number - a value or amount; may be a word, picture or digit


  • Number bond - two numbers that add together to make a larger number


  • Numeral - a single digit, or group of digits, use to represent a number, e.g. 156


  • Subitise - the ability to look at a small number of objects, or images, and recognise the amount without counting


  • Subtraction - taking one amount away from another to make a smaller amount


  • Ten frame - a rectangle, spilt into two rows of five equal squares, used for counting