CVC Words Game

CVC Words

CVC words are single syllable words which contain three sounds - a consonant sound, then a vowel sound, then a consonant sound. Try these CVC words games to practise reading and writing CVC words with your child.

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Play Makes Sense Activity Cards

Sound Pronunciation

Pronouncing each sound correctly will help your child when it comes to blending and segmenting. Find out how to pronounce each sound correctly with these helpful videos.

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Play Makes Sense Phase 2 Phonics Activity C is for Cupcake

What is Phonics?

Find out about phonics and how it can be a great tool to get children reading and writing quickly and with confidence.

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Play Makes Sense Phonics Activity Cards with Alphabet

Phonics Sounds

Learn about the 44 sounds in the English language and find out which phase each sound is taught in.

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Child holding Play makes Sense First Day of School Board

Starting School

Read on to find out what you should expect when it comes to reading and writing and how you can best support your child at home.

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