Abbie's Story

Abbie from Play Makes Sense

Abbie, the co-founder of Play Makes Sense, is at the helm of a small business with a significant mission to empower educators and parents through the dynamic avenue of sensory play.

Prior to embracing parenthood, Abbie devoted six years to the classroom, where she excelled as a Year 2 teacher and Key Stage 1 Leader. Her extensive experience in these roles provided her with invaluable insights into effective teaching methodologies.

Following the transition to motherhood, Abbie redirected her passion towards empowering individuals through the facilitation of phonics and mathematics using simple, meaningful, and engaging sensory play activities. Her commitment to providing accessible and impactful learning experiences underscores her dedication to the educational well-being of children and their caregivers.

Play Makes Sense, under Abbie's co-leadership, has already made a substantial impact by supporting thousands of parents and educators. Abbie extends her influence through comprehensive training sessions and workshops, reaching beyond Buckinghamshire to share her expertise with a broader audience.