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Unlocking the Wonders of Maths!

Uncover the magic of maths beyond numbers with the Preschool Shape, Measure, and Pattern Maths Activity Cards! Created to make learning effortless for you and exhilarating for your child, each card is a gateway to an engaging world of discovery.

Delve into the enchanting realm of shapes, measures, and patterns with these thoughtfully designed cards. Crafted to simplify the learning process for you and infuse excitement into every activity for your child.

Key Features:

  • A Wealth of Learning in Every Card: Each card equips you with everything needed to orchestrate a captivating activity, seamlessly blending enjoyment with valuable learning experiences.
  • Problem Solving and Mathematical Understanding: These activities are carefully curated to enhance your child's problem-solving skills and deepen their understanding of mathematics, creating a foundation for maths future success.
  • Over 40 Inspirational Activity Ideas: With over 40 activity ideas, these cards provide an endless source of inspiration for maths-centric adventures, ensuring that boredom never stands a chance.
  • Everyday Items for Extra Convenience: Utilising items commonly found at home, these activities effortlessly integrate into your daily life. Discover the full list of equipment for this pack here.
  • Perfect for Preschoolers and Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage: Tailored to the developmental needs of preschoolers and children in the Early Years Foundation Stage, these cards are ideal for young learners aged three and above.

Experience the joy of learning maths in new dimensions with the Preschool Shape, Measure, and Pattern Maths Activity Cards – where each card opens a door to endless possibilities!


  • Develops understanding of mathematical relationships
  • Real-world application of maths skills
  • Fun, multi-sensory math activity ideas

Pack Information:

The Preschool Shape, Measure and Pattern Maths Activity Cards explore 2D and 3D shapes, length, weight and capacity and creating and extending repeating patterns.

The Preschool Shape Measure and Pattern Maths Activity Cards include 22 cards:

  • One double-sided information card
  • 21 maths activity cards

Each activity card features:

  • A main Go activity
  • An extension Grow activity
  • A  Grab list of required items
  • A top tip
  • A colour photograph of the activity

Customer Reviews

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Great activities but did need to buy stuff

The activities are great and my 3.5 yr old loves them. I did need to but things such as beads etc not using things I had at home. Love having access to the cards on my phone and found it easy to download and save.

Perfect for busy parents

You want to support your child with learning to read and write, but time is short! That is where Play Makes Sense comes in. Each of our activities take less than five minutes to set up and will provide your child with a meaningful and engaging activty.

Create a love of learning

Helping your child to develop a love of learning will set them up for success. Each Play Makes Sense activity teaches new skills through play and will help to instill a passion for learning in your child.