Maths Activity Cards - Reception Shape, Measure and Pattern

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Unlocking Mathematical Marvels

Beyond numbers, the intricacies of shape, measure, and pattern are essential to your child's mathematical journey. Dive into a world where learning extends far beyond worksheets – the Reception Shape, Measure, and Pattern Maths Activity Cards hold the key to fostering problem-solving skills and applying maths in real-world contexts.

Key Features:

  • Quick Set-Up, Packed with Learning: Each activity is meticulously crafted for swift setup, providing a seamless solution for keeping the kids entertained with a dash of educational magic. Perfect for those moments when you need a quick and easy learning experience!
  • Everyday Items for Effortless Exploration: Discover the joy of learning with items readily available at home. Click here to explore the full list of equipment for this pack, turning your living space into a dynamic maths playground.
  • Perfect for Children in Reception and Early Years Foundation Stage: Tailored for children in Reception and the Early Years Foundation Stage, aged four to five years old, these cards are designed to meet the unique developmental needs of your little one.
  • Over 40 Inspirational Activity Ideas: With over 40 activity ideas, these cards provide an endless source of inspiration for maths-centric adventures, ensuring that boredom never stands a chance.
  • Created by Teachers, Perfect for Parents: Created by experienced teachers, parents benefit from the wealth of pedagogical insight and instructional finesse embedded in every card.

Dive into a world where maths is not just learned but lived with the Reception Shape, Measure and Pattern Maths Activity Cards.

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  • Develops understanding of mathematical relationships
  • Promotes practical application of maths skills
  • Provides fun, multi-sensory maths activity ideas

Pack Information:

The Reception Shape, Measure and Pattern Maths Activity Cards explore 2D and 3D shapes, length, weight and capacity and creating and extending repeating patterns.

The Reception Shape Measure and Pattern Maths Activity Cards include 22 A6 cards:

  • One double-sided information card
  • 21 maths activity cards

Each activity card features:

  • A main Go activity
  • An extension Grow activity
  • A  Grab list of required items
  • A top tip
  • A colour photograph of the activity

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I love these cards, especially as I think this is an often neglected yet important aspect of maths! We have done 4-5 activities so far and they hold her attention well and its easy to think of add-ons to extend once you have the initial set up! Def recommend

Hi Nina,

We totally agree that shape, measure and pattern are areas that are often neglacted when it comes to maths. We love that you are enjoying the activities from the pack that you have tried so far and we hope you continue to have lots more fun with them!

Alice and Abbie x

Jessica Bates
Best pack we have!

We received these cards at the weekend and they are my favourite pack so far. We have all of the phonics packs and another maths pack. The activities look so much fun and I don't think my son will realise he is learning. We haven't managed to try any out yet as my son hasn't been feeling well but while he has been having a rest I have been preparing some of the activities for when he is better.

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