Maths Activity Cards - Preschool Shape, Measure and Pattern

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There is so much more to maths than numbers! 

The Preschool Shape, Measure and Pattern Activity Cards make learning easy for you and fun for your child. Each card gives you everything you need to create an engaging activity which is packed with learning. 

The activities on the cards help develop your child's problem solving skills and improve their mathematical understanding. With over 40 activity ideas you will never be stuck for maths inspiration. 

The activities use items that you probably already have at home. Click here to see the full list of equipment for this pack. 

Perfect for preschoolers and children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (aged 3+).

Gift wrap tins now available! Click here to add gift wrap to your order and transform your cards into the perfect present. 

- Develops an understanding of mathematical relationships
- Promotes the use of maths skills in real world contexts 
- Provides fun, multi sensory maths activity ideas 

Pack Information

The Preschool Shape, Measure and Pattern Activity Cards explore 2D and 3D shapes and language relating to position. Children learn to compare objects by length, weight and capacity and how to extend and create repeating patterns. 

The Preschool Shape, Measure and Pattern pack contains 22 A6 cards:
- One double sided maths information card
- 21 maths activity cards 

Each maths activity card includes:
- A main activity 
- An extension activity
- A list of items needed 
- A top tip 
- A photograph of the activity 

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Perfect for busy parents

You want to support your child with learning to read and write, but time is short! That is where Play Makes Sense comes in. Each of our activities take less than five minutes to set up and will provide your child with a meaningful and engaging activty.

a mother and child sat playing together. They look happy. Next to them in a pack of Phase 2 Phonics Cards

Create a love of learning

Helping your child to develop a love of learning will set them up for success. Each Play Makes Sense activity teaches new skills through play and will help to instill a passion for learning in your child.