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Read All About It

Read All About It

We have written blog posts for some amazing small businesses. Click on the links below to read them and while you are there, check out the incredible businesses as well.

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Organised Chaos With Kids  

5 Simple Play Ideas To Practise Phonics 

Are you a play dough fan? If the answer is yes, then take a read of the blog we wrote for Organised Chaos With Kids. It contains five simple activity ideas to practise phonics with play dough! 

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Little Happy Learners 

All About Phonics

If you want to know more about phonics then this is the blog for you. Find out what phonics is, when to start and in what order to teach the letters.

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Moore Crate Occasions 

Sensory Play Isn't Just For Babies 

Want to find out a bit more about us and why we love sensory play? This blog will tell you everything you need to know. 

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Resolve To Play

Why Play Makes Sense

Do you love sensory play? Are you passionate about phonics? If so, take a read of this blog to find out how to combine the two. 

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